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Insulin Pump Packs For You
Most Regular Packs are only $15.00
Most Packs with belt attached are $23.00
Homemade insulin pump packs in a variety of colors & patterns.
Accu-chek Aviva
Monitor your blood glucose levels with the Accu-chek Aviva meter, one of many top brand meters which can be found at

    Standard size packs will fit most pumps snuggly & securely.  Ping-size is also available.

    Several options are available.
  • Regular Pack - Pack with a long belt loop (belt sleeve) on the back of the pack (belt
    not included).
  • Pack with Belt Attached - Belt is attached (sewn) onto the back of the pack.  
  • Pack made for a Carabiner Clip - These packs have a small loop on the back of the pack
    to be used with a carabiner clip.  You can order the pack with a carabiner clip included
    or just order a pack made for a carabiner clip and use your own carabiner clip.  (Please
    note that the loop on the back of the pack is generally too small to be used with a belt.)
  • Separate Belts - Velstretch® belts can be purchased separate from the pack. That way,
    you can use the belt with different packs.

    See the News page for more information. There's a huge selection for both kids and
    adults. I hope you like them.
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Each Insulin pump pack / case / holder is hand-made by me in my smoke-free home and not mass produced.
Therefore, while each pack will fit your insulin pump, each pack is one-of-a-kind.
All packs created are intended for personal use.
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Now Available - Vertical Packs!
That's right.  You can now get many packs made in a vertical position.  Click here for example
of how this looks.  Vertical packs are available with the same options as my horizontal packs:
regular packs, packs with a belt attached, packs with carabiner clip, etc.  Please note that not
all fabrics can be made vertically.  Just click on the picture of the pack you want to see if this
option is available for that specific pack.

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Regular Packs (no belt)   $15
Separate Belt   $10 (40-inch belt is an additional $2)
Packs with belt attached   $23 (40-inch belt is an additional $2)
Packs with Carabiner Clip included   $18
Packs made for Carabiner clip (clip not included)   $15
Carabiner clip alone   $3

NOTE: Cordura Packs are slightly more
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